Development Assistant for C Manual

Table of Contents


    Features Overview
    Hardware and Software Requirements
    Installation and Setup
    Technical Support

Users Guide
    Program Environment
    Project Explorer
    Source Editor
    Source Flowchart
    User-Defined Actions
        Static Code Analysis in General
        Static Code Analysis - ANSI-C
        Static Code Analysis - Assembler
        MISRA C Compliance Check
        Naming Convention Check
    Symbol Browser
    Graphical Explorer
        Call-Hierarchy and Data Flow Graph
        Type-Hierarchy Graph
        Operations Independent of Graph Type
        Operations Specific to the Call-Hierarchy Graph
        Operations Specific to the Type-Hierarchy Graph
        Groups and Views in Call-Hierarchy Graph
    Message Logs
    Source Code Metrics
        Source Code Metrics Classification
        Source Code Metrics Analysis
        Software Metric Reports
        Source Code Metrics Configuration
    Documentation Generator
        Documentation Template
        Editing a Documentation Template
        Documentation Generation
        Documentation Generator Tutorial
    Docu-Parts Generator for Doxygen
    Makefile Generator
    Version Control Support
    Direct Data Exchange (DDE)

Reference Manual
    Main Menu Commands
        File Menu
        Edit Menu
        View Menu
        Search Menu
        Browse Menu
        Graph Menu
        Source Code Metrics Menu
        Documentation Generator Menu
        Start Menu
        Project Menu
        Version Control Menu
        Options Menu
            Project Options
            Compiler Options
            Assembler Options
            Version Control Options
            Project Explorer Options
            Editor Options
            Flowchart Options
            Browser Options
            Graph Options
            Source Code Metrics - Charts Options
            User-Defined Actions Options
            Formatter Options
            Makefile Generator Options
            Documentation Generator Options
            Static Code Analyzer Options
            Source Code Metrics - Analyzer Options
            Naming Convention Checker Options
            Flowchart Generator Options
            Environment Options
        Window Menu
        Help Menu
    Project Explorer
        Find and Replace
    Source Code Metrics
    User-Defined Actions
    Documentation Generator
        Documentation Generator Macro Language
        Types of Data in DGML
        Functions in DGML
            Functions for Separating Project Data
            Functions for Separating Groups and Views Data
            Functions for Separating Directory and File Data
            Functions for Separating Symbols Data
            Functions for Generating Browser Reports
            Functions for Generating Graphical Reports
            Functions for Integrating Source Code
            Functions for Integrating VCS Reports
            Functions for working with Collections
    Docu-Parts Generator for Doxygen
    Makefile Generator
    Static Code Analysis
       MISRA C:1998 Compliance Matrix
       MISRA C:2004 Compliance Matrix
       MISRA C:2012 Compliance Matrix
       Naming Convention Check
    Version Control Support
    Keyboard Shortcuts
    Status Bar
    Configuration Files
    Window Tabs

    Appendix A - Keyboard Configuration
        Keyboard Mapping Macros
        Default Keyboard
        Brief Keyboard Emulation
        Classic Borland Keyboard Emulation
        CUA Keyboard Emulation
        Microsoft Keyboard Emulation
    Appendix B - Messages
        Static Code Analysis Messages
        Source Code Metrics Messages
        Naming Convention Messages
        Documentation Generator Messages
        Docu-Parts Generator for Doxygen Messages
    Appendix C - User-Defined Actions Macros
    Appendix D - DGML
        List of All Documentation Objects
        Simple And Composite Properties of DGML Types