Assembler Options

Assembler Options


The supported assembler language used in the current project. It is possible to select a particular dialect, or the value <none> which means that parts of the C code in which inline assembler code is located will be ignored (information on symbols will not be obtained, but no syntax errors will occur either).

Assembler tools directory 

Path to your assembler and other tools can be automatically discovered if you check "Find it" checkbox. If DA-C cannot find path to the assembler, or you want to override this path, you can enter it manually. See tools documentation for more info.

Find it

If checked, path to assembler installation directory is filled in "Assembler tools directory" field for given assembler. Enabled only if automatic finding of installation directory for given assembler is supported.

Assembler header directories

Determines a list of directories which are to be searched for the files named within the INCLUDE directive. A semicolon separates directories.


This check box is enabled only if file "assembler name.lst" exists in "Assembler Header List Files" installation directory. If checked, file name of this file is filled in "Assembler Header directories" field with prefix @.

Preinclude header file

If a file has been specified in this edit box (entered or selected using the Browse button), it will be included in each assembler analysis prior to starting assembler analysis. Assigning a preinclude file is identical to entering an INCLUDE directive in each assembler file.


Enabled only in file "assembler" exists in "Preinclude Files" installation directory. If checked, file name is filled in "Preinclude header file" field.

Dialect specific options

Various assemblers also have a set of options which differs depending on the assembler selected in the Source option. See the Technical Note describing assembler dialects for more details.