Naming Convention Checker Options

This dialog box contains naming convention checker options. It is divided into two tabs


You can assign the path to the file with symbol naming rules, the rules themselves, as well as other options related to this via Options > Naming Convention Checker Options.

Analysis for Symbols Options Symbol Names Checking tab

Report separately

If this option is checked, results are displayed in a Message Logs tab. If it is not checked, they are displayed together with static code analysis warnings.

Verbose Mode 

If checked, DAC generates message for all name rules of matched type rule, otherwise generates only message for last encountered name rule of matched type rule. In addition, the first message line in Messages Log shows naming convention rules definition file.

Run after building project

When this option is checked, each time you execute Start > Rebuild Database or Start > Build Database, Symbol Names check will also automatically be carried out after symbol database build.

Naming Convention rules definition file

This group of controls is used to select the current file with rules for Naming Convention check. You can select the path to an existing file using the Browse button. The Browse dialog is opened in the Project Root directory. If you would also like a new file, then, once you have positioned the insertion point on the directory of your choice, enter the name of the new file in the Browse dialog and it will be created automatically. If the rules have been changed, on closing the dialog you will be asked whether you would like to save the changes you have effected. You can also save changes using the Apply button.


Analysis for Symbols Options Warnings tab

Report these warnings when enabled

If selected, warnings of a particular type generated during static code analysis will be reported in the Message Logs.

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