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Project File

The master Project file is the DA-C.DCP file which is always in the DA-C.EXE directory and is created when the project is made. DA-C.DCP contains common project parameters which will be used for the creation of the new project. Each Project file contains settings specific to a particular project (e.g. a list of files that belong to the project, User-Defined Actions, etc). You should create it in the root directory of your project (or set the Project Root Directory to that project) with the New project menu command in Project menu. You do not have to manually change Project files either. All other settings in Project files are accessible through DA-C dialogs or commands. DA-C.DCP can be edited even by Development Assistant for C Editor, since it is a common text file, but you can find that it's more easily done from various menus and dialogs in DA-C. 

The prefix "@" is used in the Project file ".DCP" to specify included project files. Therefore, you should avoid using the character "@" at the beginning of the names of files and folders that are to be used in the project. 

This file consists of several sections, determining the project files and some project parameters, as well as defining the user actions.

Editing Project Files

Use the File > Configuration Files > Project file command to open the active project file in Editor. Using the Search / Find command find the section of your choice.

Section names are surrounded by brackets. Each section contains a set of parameters the syntax of which is:


Effect the change of value of your choice and then save changes. On closing the Editor with a Project file, the project will be reloaded automatically in order for project parameter changes to become active.

Visual Configuration File

Window sizes, colors and all other non-project data are saved in the Visual Configuration File. By default it's DA-C.INI (where DA-C.EXE is). If you need project specific settings then copy DA-C.INI to the directory where your project file is and give him the same name as project file.

Session File

By default, DA-C saves window states in it's session file and recreates them next time you start DA-C.