Operations Specific to the Type-Hierarchy Graph

Note: Operations independent of the graph type are described in Chapter Operations Independent of Graph Type.

Operations with Types and Members

Each structure or union can contain other structures, unions and elementary data and their pointers, and can also be a part of another structure itself. The Type-Hierarchy Graph enables you to gain insight into the organization of complex data types.

You have the following possibilities at your disposal:

Go To Source. Starting this command opens the Editor with an open file at the definition type line. The same effect is achieved by double-clicking the node.
Starting the Graph / Expand Ancestors command displays all types containing the selected type in the graph. Right-clicking the graph type node accesses a shortcut menu in which you can also find this option.
The Expand Successors command displays all types which the selected type contains.
The Recursive Successors command is used for recursive type display. Recursion depth is adjusted in graph options.
The Graph command is used to create a new graph with its beginning in the node of your choice. In this way you can separate a type of additional interest to you from a complex graph.

Double-clicking a graph branch opens the Editor with a file open at the line with the defined type member represented by the selected branch. The same effect is achieved by right-clicking a graph branch and selecting the Go To Source option from the accessed shortcut menu.

Operations with Names

You can expand nodes displaying member names in the same way as belonging type nodes.

Operations with Groups

The Expand Ancestors, Expand Successors and Recursive Successors operations have the same meaning as with individual nodes, but note that all nodes contained in a groups node are expanded. The Ungroup and Name commands have the same meaning as in a Call-Hierarchy Graph.

By selecting the Graph command from the shortcut menu, you open a new submenu for selecting graph type. You can open only a same type graph from a group node in Type-Hierarchy Graph.

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