Development Assistant for C (DA-C) is an integrated development environment (IDE) which supports the development and maintenance of embedded software (ANSI-C and ASM).

It is clear that the development and maintenance of quality software is a very complex process which can be viewed from many angles. We have selected, thought out and designed DA-C features to support the most important activities in this complex process. Precisely because DA-C supports the development and maintenance of software as a whole, DA-C is a tool which works on the software project. At the same time, the software project is not just a simple set of modules making up the project source-the project is made up of a lot of other important information (documents, make files, shortcuts for starting build and many others).

It is difficult to even enumerate the basic DA-C features. The most important ones are: Editor, Flowchart, Browser, Call-Hierarchy and Data Flow graph, Type-Hierarchy Graph, Project Explorer, Source Code Metrics, Documentation Generator... DA-C pays special attention to the fact that software development is supported by various tools - compilers, assemblers, linkers, but also version control systems and other development tools. DA-C supports a wide range of compilers and assemblers of well-known manufacturers. Via its plug-in system, DA-C supports a number of version control systems, as well as project-importers with which it is easy to move from another environment to DA-C or work on a parallel with it.

DA-C supports a wide range of software development activities, from easy editing to controlling source quality, from detailed reviewing to documenting, at the same time saving your time and energy. We would be pleased to learn that DA-C comes close to your idea of the "Ideal Editor for the 21st Century", the editor which will automate the major part of your routine jobs and leave you with plenty of time for creative tasks.

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