Documentation Template


A documentation template is a document which represents a template for the generation of one or more documents using DG. A documentation template, therefore, consists of two types of content:

A script which describes how to create certain content elements in the generated document, and
Other content which is inserted into the generated document unaltered.

The template is saved in the file in Rich Text Format (RTF).

The script is written in a specially developed language, DGML, so it will be called DGML script from here on. DGML scripts not only allow full control over the generation of content, but they also allow content to be generated on the basis of DAC project data. DGML script is separated from the rest of the content by #{ labels and }# labels, for the beginning and end of the script, respectively.

DG offers a tool by means of which you can write even very complicated documentation templates without being familiar with DGML. DGML script modifications in the template can be performed manually, using DTE.

If documentation template cannot be created and/or opened, possible causes could be:
- Folder or file is protected
- Folder or filename contains characters that cannot be correctly read in DAC (not part of the standard ASCII code)
- If using Word 2010 or newer, RTF files could be blocked in Options -> Trust Center -> File Block Settings ...

Creating a Documentation Template

A documentation template is created using the Documentation/New Template menu command. In the dialog this command brings up, you need to specify the name of the DT and the location where it is to be saved. Created DTs can be added to the active project via the Add New Documentation Template to Project option in the configuration dialog (General tab).

You can base your documentation on any one of the supported standards, which you can specify in this dialog.

Opening a Documentation Template

There are several ways to open a DT:

Via the Documentation/Open Template command. This command opens the standard Open dialog for selecting a DT. On opening, the Open dialog displays the content of the default documentation directory, which can be set in the configuration (Directories tab).
From the Recently Used list (the Documentation menu). Recently used DTs are found on this list.
From the Default(types)/Document Files/Templates logical group in Logical view. If you are adding your DTs to the project, you can open all the DTs in one move from this logical group.

Saving a Documentation Template

A document is saved from DTE. A saved DT must be in Rich Text Format.

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