Status Bar

The status bar shows useful information and messages at the bottom of the main DA-C window.

When a menu command or toolbar button is selected, it displays the command description.

When DA-C performs a time-consuming action, the status bar displays a description of the operation being performed.

When a Browser or Editor is active, the status bar displays the position of the text insertion point and the status of Caps Lock and Num Lock keys. For Editors, it also contains information about Insert/Overwrite mode and whether the edited file is modified or read-only.

When a Graph is active and the mouse pointer is in the node area, the basic data about the corresponding function or type are presented within the status bar. This includes the function name or data type and name, and, if possible, the name of the module in which it is declared, as well as the line number of declaration.

Some examples:

Status Bar - Editor

Status bar when Editor is in focus.

Status Bar - Software Metrics

Status bar when Source Code Metrics Report is in focus.