Compiler Options

Compiler Options

Show older versions

Show older versions: If you want to see all supported versions of particular compiler, check this option. Otherwise, only most recent versions of the supported compilers will be displayed in the list.


The supported C language dialect used in the current project. The most recent list of supported C dialects can be found on the Web, at the following URL:

Documents containing the specifics of the support for the compiler you are using can also be found at this URL.

Preinclude header file 

Check "Default“ to use DA-C's default preinclude file for selected compiler, or enter path to your custom preinclude file manually. 


Enabled only in file "compiler name.h" exists in "Preinclude Files" installation directory. If checked, file name is filled in "Preinclude header file" field.

Compiler tools directory 

Path to your compiler, linker and other tools can be automatically discovered if you check "Find installation" checkbox. If DA-C cannot find path to the compiler, or you want to override this path, you can enter it manually. See tools documentation for more info.

Find it

If checked, path to compiler installation directory is filled in "Compiler tools directory" field for given compiler. Enabled only if automatic finding of installation directory for this compiler is supported.

Compiler header directories

If "Find it" option is active, you can use default header directories from your compiler by checking "Default". Otherwise, you can enter one or more paths to compiler or libraries header files, separated by semicolon (;) or use @chdirs.lst possibility. "chdirs.lst" is the example name of the file in which compiler header directories can be assigned, one in each line or more in each line separated by semicolon (;). Please read also the compiler documentation.


This check box is enabled only if file "compiler name.lst" exists in "Compiler Header List Files" installation directory. If checked, file name of this file is filled in "Compiler header directories" field with prefix @.

Set 'library' attribute for compiler headers 

If checked, compiler header files are always treated as Standard Library Header Files regardless of the way they are included (between "<" and ">", or between " and "). This is useful for suppressing undesired warning messages, especially for unused symbols. See compiler documentation for more info..

Linker map file 

Use this field to configure linker's *.MAP filename. If particular linker's *.MAP file format is supported, it will be parsed to obtain stack usage statistics for all the functions in project.