Makefile Generator


Starting of development tools directly with the help of UDA macros is a possible, but often unsatisfactory way of describing the script used to obtain a program executable code. Besides, these macros impede the simple testing of all inter-dependencies in the entire project. This is why so-called Makefiles and Make software tools, either delivered by the compiler manufacturers, or supplied by independent software producers (usually in cooperation with a VCS) are used instead. If the Generate Makefile or its components check box in the Options > Makefile generator dialog box is active, DAC is able to generate makefiles or components which can be used in them on the basis of the data received through static code analysis.

Generating Makefile

Makefile is generated on the basis of the Makefile Generator (MFG) template file. With the help of Make Template Macro Language (MGML), one or more files generated by DAC after static analysis are described in it. A Makefile Generator template file example can be found in folder "C:\Users\Public\Documents\RistanCASE\Development Assistant for C\MFG Templates".

Generating Makefile Components

If the Make Template File field in Makefile Generator options is empty, then ProjectName.DEP and ProjectName.OBL files will be generated as in the previous version of DAC.

A *.DEP file describes dependencies found while analyzing the project source code. An *.OBL file contains the list of files that are to be linked. The example files (example.DEP and example.OBL) are located in "C:\Users\Public\Documents\RistanCASE\Development Assistant for C\MFG Templates".

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