Symbol Browser Options

The Options > Browser command activates a dialog box containing options that determine various Browser parameters:

Browser Options

Alphabetically sort function list

Determines if the list of functions, displayed on right-clicking outside the symbol in the Editor, will be sorted alphabetically. If this check box has not been selected, the functions will appear in the order in which they appear in the file.

Search uses of structure members

If it is checked, and browsing is started for the instance of the structure, or a member of that instance, the references of that instance and all its members will be displayed. If it is not checked, and browsing is started for the instance of the structure, only the references of that instance without any of its members will be displayed. Also, if it is not checked, and browsing is started for a particular member of the instance of the structure, the reference of that particular instance and member will be displayed, without the references of any other members of the instance in question.

Show standard library and built-in symbols

Determines whether the standard library symbols will be displayed in the Browser.

Unindent source lines

Determines whether the initial spaces in the source code displayed in the Browser will be skipped.

Force fixed window size

Determines whether Browser will be fixed in size. This size is set in the Option / Editor / General dialog box.

Abbreviate titles in tabs

Determines whether Browser titles should be abbreviated in tabs to occupy less space.

Show line numbers

This option enables or disables the line number display on the left margin of the window. The font size is automatically adjusted based on the current font size in the editor. Line numbers are truncated to 5 least significant digits.

Show source lines around the target line

According to build-in criteria

Displays all lines until first empty line, but at most ten lines.

Using fixed number of lines (before/after)

Specifies how many lines are displayed before/after the target line.

Close automatically on double click

Double-clicking within a line in the Browser positions you at the beginning of the named file or function. If the destination file already exists in an Editor, it becomes active. Otherwise, a new Editor is opened. If you want to close the Browser after opening an Editor, check these options.

Find/Replace all windows

Close the Browser created with the Find / Replace All command.

Other windows

Close other Browsers.

Close automatically on open

Existing windows with same context

Determines whether older window with the same content should be closed.