Version Control Options

This dialog box contains options that determine various Version Control System interface parameters.

Version Control System Options


List of Version Control Systems for which support has been licensed. The VCS which is to be used in the project is activated from this list. If you select Command Line, communication with the VCS will take place through the command line. If you choose a VCS from the list, there appear additional tabs for adjusting communication parameters between DA-C and the VCS, as well as for adjusting the behavior of the VCS and of DA-C in terms of version control. If the VCS version present in the system corresponds to the licensed VCS version, Green mark (green) will be displayed next to its name; otherwise, Red mark (red) will be displayed. Detailed information on making adjustments for a particular VCS can be found in Technical Notes. Information on supported VCSs and modes of licensing can be obtained from you program vendor, or on the Web, at the following address: