Software Metrics Configuration

Configuring the Visual Elements of the Metrics

DAC offers the possibility of setting default visual properties of the metrics, as well as of setting the form in which particular metrics reports will appear.

The Options > Metrics command leads to the dialog box for setting default visual elements of metrics reports. Changes in the configuration will relate only to the next metrics report to be created. The existing metrics reports cannot be changed in this way.

Each individual metrics report can be adjusted by choosing the Chart Options command from the toolbar, for the report specified. If the form in which the metrics report is to appear is adjusted in this manner, it will not affect the default values set in the Options > Metrics dialog box.

The selected default configuration, as well as the individual configuration of each of the existing metrics reports, is saved within the metrics template.

Metrics report dimensions can be set in millimeters or in inches. The choice of unit can be made in the Options > Project, Miscellaneous tab, Measurement Units group. This selection also influences the other functionalities in DAC (Graph, Editor, and so on).

The report dimensions specified will be used only when printing the metrics report. The report displayed on the screen will be a diminished or enlarged image of the printed report, with proportions retained.

The details of adjusting the visual elements of metrics reports are given in the Reference Manual.

Configuring Analytical Elements of the Metrics

The analytical properties of the metrics which can be adjusted are:

Acceptable border values for each metrics report.
Operator weight.
A list of types of warnings to be displayed in the Message Logs as a result of a wrong parameter value.

All the enumerated properties of the metrics can be adjusted in the dialog which appears upon choosing the Options > Software Metrics Calculator command.

The selected default configuration is saved within the metrics template.

The details of adjusting the visual elements of metrics reports are given in the Reference Manual.

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