Functions in DGML

Functions for separating documentation object data from the DAC project database and functions for integrating DAC reports into the generated document fall into this category. Scripts with the calls of these functions are created automatically. When you need to include the call of one of these functions into the template, a corresponding documentation object is first formed and/or labeled in DAC, and then, by starting either the Documentation/Add to Template or the Documentation/Copy Script command, a script with the appropriate function call is generated and included into the active documentation template or in the Clipboard.

The following functions belong to this group:

Functions for separating Project Data:

Functions for generating Group and View Data:

Functions for Separating Directory and File Data:

Functions for Separating Symbol Data:

Functions for separating function data:

Functions for separating variable data:

Functions for separating constant data:

Functions for separating type data:

Functions for separating macro data:

Functions for generating Browse Reports

Functions for working with Figures:

Functions for integrating Source Code:

Functions for integrating VCS Reports:

Functions for working with Collections:

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