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Understanding project design is necessary for its proper maintenance and additional development. Complex C programs require a large number of functions and data types defined in various project modules. Following the hierarchy of function calls and usage of data types through the program code is very complex, so DA-C graphs provide you with the graphical presentation of function Call-Hierarchy and data type organization.

Using groups and views in graph, you can view the project design more easily - relationship between larger wholes and subsystems.

There are two types of graph in DA-C: Call-Hierarchy and Data Flow and Type-Hierarchy graphs.

Call-Hierarchy and Data Flow Graph. It is used to view the relationships between functions and data in the program as well as to view function call pattern in the program. The emphasis is on a system of groups and views which should ensure a minimum of manual setting during work. The complete user interface has also been covered, as well as the available setting options.

Type-Hierarchy Graph. Two different types of graphs are processed which help you understand the structure of the data in the project you are working with. Also, the complete user interface has been covered as well as the available setting options.

Note: To display any type of graph, you need to have started Start > Build Database at least once, that is, a project database needs to be built.