Software Metrics Messages

400: Too few modules

401: Too many comment lines

402: Too many compound statements

403: McCabe Cyclomatic complexity upper bound exceeded

404: Too many declaration statements

405: Halstead difficulty upper bound exceeded

406: Too many empty statements

407: Too many executable lines

408: Too many executable statements

409: Too many expression statements

410: Halstead intelligence content upper bound exceeded

411: Too many jump statements

412: Too many label statements

413: Halstead language level upper bound exceeded

414: Halstead length upper bound exceeded

415: Too many lines

416: Too many lines with comment

417: Too many loop statements

418: Max depth upper bound exceeded

419: Too many local variables

420: Too many operators per line

421: Too many operators per operand

422: Too many operators per token

423: Operators weight per expression upper bound exceeded

424: Too many preprocessor lines

425: Too many selection statements

426: Total weight upper bound exceeded

427: Halstead vocabulary upper bound exceeded

428: Halstead volume upper bound exceeded

429: Too many white lines

430: Too many functions

431: Too many global variables

432: Too many statements

433: Adjusted function points upper bound exceeded

434: Function points upper bound exceeded

435: Too many modules

436: Too few comment lines

437: Too few compound statements

438: McCabe Cyclomatic complexity lower bound exceeded

439: Too few declaration statements

440: Halstead difficulty lower bound exceeded

441: Too few empty statements

442: Too few executable lines

443: Too few executable statements

444: Too few expression statements

445: Halstead intelligence content lower bound exceeded

446: Too few jump statements

447: Too few label statements

448: Halstead language level lower bound exceeded

449: Halstead length lower bound exceeded

450: Too few lines

451: Too few lines with comment

452: Too few loop statements

453: Max depth lower bound exceeded

454: Too few local variables

455: Too few operators per line

456: Too few operators per operand

457: Too few operators per token

458: Operators weight per expression lower bound exceeded

459: Too few preprocessor lines

460: Too few selection statements

461: Total weight lower bound exceeded

462: Halstead vocabulary lower bound exceeded

463: Halstead volume lower bound exceeded

464: Too few white lines

465: Too few functions

466: Too few global variables

467: Too few statements

468: Adjusted function points lower bound exceeded

469: Function points lower bound exceeded

470: Halstead programming time upper bound exceeded

471: Halstead programming effort upper bound exceeded

472: Operators weight per operand upper bound exceeded

473: Halstead programming time lower bound exceeded

474: Halstead programming effort lower bound exceeded

475: Operators weight per operand lower bound exceeded

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