Printing in DAC gives you the opportunity to print the content of any DAC report, or to preview the report before actually printing it.

Text printing

You can see three distinct fields on a printed page: Header, Footer and Content. The content of the printed report is placed within a frame set by margin positions. Header and Footer positions are determined by the top Header margin and bottom Footer margins.

Print preview

Print preview: A - Left margin; B - Right margin; C - Header top; D - Footer bottom; E - Top margin; F - Bottom margin; G - Page header; H - Page content; I - Page footer

All dimensions which determine the appearance of printed material (paper size, margins, header and footer position, and so on) can be adjusted in DAC. Command File > Page and Printing Setup starts a dialog box in which you can specify the page setup that will meet your demands.

Graphics printing

DAC also possesses a special feature which allows greater detail visibility in large graphical presentations. A report whose printing requires a paper format larger than the one supported by your printer can be printed on several pages in mosaic form. Each page contains the coordinates of a related sheets and lines along which you can cut and piece together the parts of the mosaic.

Graphics printing

Start printing

Printing can be started in several ways. By choosing the File > Print command, you get the standard Windows Print dialog box from which you can start printing the content of the currently active DAC window. In the Print dialog box, you can select and adjust the printer on which you would like to print the report, choose which part of the report you would like to print and the number of copies.

For printing the entire report you can use the Print icon Print icon on the toolbar.

Printing one or more files can be started directly, without opening, via Project Explorer. Simply select the files you would like to print-by right-clicking open the shortcut menu and clicking the Print command.

From Project Explorer you can print only files that can be opened by the DAC Editor.

For more information about Page and Printing Setup see: Page and Printing Setup, Print Preview and Print Ctrl+P

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