Microsoft Keyboard Emulation

Home Beginning of line

Ctrl+End] Bottom of file

Ctrl+E], Ctrl+]] Match pair

Left] Column left

Right] Column right

Ctrl+C], Ctrl+Ins] Copy to clipboard

Ctrl+X], Shift+Del] Cut to clipboard

Backsp] Delete character to left

Del] Delete character

Ctrl+Shift+L] Delete line

End] End of line

Shift+Home] Extend selection begin line

Shift+Down] Extend selection down

Shift+End] Extend selection end line

Shift+Left] Extend selection left

Shift+Right] Extend selection right

Shift+Up] Extend selection up

Shift+Ctrl+Left] Extend selection word left

Shift+Ctrl+Right] Extend selection word right

Shift+Ctrl+Home] Extend selection to beginning of document

Shift+Ctrl+End] Extend selection to end of document

Alt+J] Go to mark (prompt)

Space] Insert space

Shift+Space] Insert space forced

Tab] Indent block by tab

Enter] Insert Hard Carriage Return

Ctrl+Enter] Insert line

Ins] Insert mode on/off

Down] Line down

Up] Line up

Ctrl+U] Lower-case selection

Ctrl+Shift+], Ctrl+Shift+E Match brace or parenthesis

PgDn] Page down

PgUp] Page up

Ctrl+V], Shift+Ins] Paste from clipboard

Ctrl+H] Replace

Ctrl+Up] Scroll down 1 line

Ctrl+Down] Scroll up 1 line

Ctrl+F, Ctrl+D, Alt+F3 Search

F3] Search again

Shift+F3] Search again backward

Ctrl+F3] Search forward

Ctrl+Shift+F3] Search backward

Ctrl+A] Select All

Ctrl+F8] Selection, begin line

Shift+PgDn] Selection, page down

Shift+PgUp] Selection, page up

Alt+1] Set mark 1

Alt+2] Set mark 2

Alt+3] Set mark 3

Alt+4] Set mark 4

Alt+5] Set mark 5

Alt+6] Set mark 6

Alt+7] Set mark 7

Alt+8] Set mark 8

Alt+9] Set mark 9

Alt+0] Set mark 10

Ctrl+Shift+F8] Selection, begin column

F8] Selection, begin exclusive

Ctrl+Shift+8] Toggle visible whitespace

Ctrl+Home] Top of file

Ctrl+Z], Alt+Backspace] Undo

Shift+Tab], Ctrl+Shift+M] Unindent block by tab

Ctrl+Shift+U] Upper-case selection.

Ctrl+Left] Word left

Ctrl+Right] Word right

[Ctrl+F2] Toggle bookmark

[Ctrl+Shift+F2] Clear all bookmarks

[F2] Goto next bookmark

[Shift+F2] Goto previous bookmark

[Alt+F8] Format the selection

[Alt+Shift+T] Transpose line

[Ctrl+Shift+T] Word transpose

[Alt+Shift+L] Sentence cut

[Ctrl+F8] Select lines

[Ctrl+O],[Ctrl+Shift+G] Open file at insertion point