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DG  =  Documentation Generator

A DAC path unequivocally determines the location of DAC project directories and files. The project object location can be defined by:

1) A path relative to the project root directory

2) A path relative to the referential project root directory

3) A logical path (displayed in the Logical View tab of the DAC Project Explorer)

4) An absolute path.

To represent a DAC path in DGML, string-type data of the following content are used:

[ RootId:\ ] Path

where RootId represents a directory identifier in relation to which the path to follow is assigned.

RootId can be:

PR - project root directory

RR - project referential root directory

LR - project logical root directory

disk drive

If  RootId has been left out, the object search is carried out in relation to the project root directory; and if the object is not found, the search is repeated in relation to the project referential root directory.

The paths for which the RootId is: PR, RR, LR or it has been left out are related only to the directories and files that belong to the project. Other files and directories, which are there, but are not included in the project, can be represented only by an absolute path.



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