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Texas Instruments Development Tools

Texas Instruments (Code Composer Studio) Development Tools

Texas Instruments

eXpressDSP Compliant

The DA-C support for each TI TMS toolkit includes the following:
  • A detailed Makefile Generator template verified with Merant, Microsoft, Borland and GNU Make utilities
  • Preinclude files
  • User Defined Actions templates
  • TI toolbar icons common to all TI tools
DA-C is currently integrating a DAPI (Debugging support Application Programming Interface). This interface will enable DA-C to exchange messages with Code Composer Studio (CCS) debugger. The advantages of such a connection are that it allows you to set or delete breakpoints from within DA-C and to execute other debugger operations.

Furthermore, DA-C is not only synchronized with CCS debugger, but runs with it as it operates - it is always in the same file and on the same line as CCS debugger. Thus, the usability of both DA-C and CCS debugger is increased.

For example you find a variable with a wrong value. Then you can switch to DA-C and with a simple right mouse click on the corresponding line you can open a Browser window with all the lines where its value changes. On each of these code-lines you can set (directly from the DA-C tool bar) a breakpoint or trigger other Debugger actions. Furthermore you can set breakpoints from any node in the call hierarchy graph-window.

Supported compilers: Supported assemblers:
Texas TMS 320C2x(*)
Texas TMS 320C2xx(*)
Texas TMS 320C5x (*)
Texas TMS 320C2x v6.xx
Texas TMS 320C3x FP DSP (*)
Texas TMS 320C4x FP DSP (*)
Texas TMS 320C54x (*)
Texas TMS 320C6x (*)
Texas TMS 320C8x MP/PP
Texas TMS 370

(*) Example available
Texas TMS 320C2x

Texas TMS 320C5x

Texas TMS 320C3x FP DSP
Texas TMS 320C4x FP DSP
Texas TMS 320C54x
Texas TMS 320C6x v1.2
Texas TMS 320C8x MP/PP
In order to enable you to test the integration of TI development tools and the possibilities of DA-C in practice, we have placed at your disposal a demo DA-C project constructed on the basis of TI demo projects (see below).
The Technical Note also contains a full description of how you can use DA-C on these demos and on your own projects.
Once again, we would like to point out that you have the opportunity to receive a two weeks' trial license by generating data using DA-C Help / Technical Support / License Data.
We are also very grateful for any ideas and/or suggestions on how we can further improve DA-C support for TI compilers.
DA-C part numbers:
DescriptionFor Texas Intruments toolsPart Number
Classic EditionReader Edition
DA-C with 8-Bit Dialects Support TMS 370 07400-08 07401-08
DA-C with
8-16-Bit Dialects Support
TMS 320C54x and TMS 320C2x/C2xx/C5x 07400-16 07401-16
DA-C with All Dialects Support TMS 320C3x/C4xFP DSP, TMS 320C6x and TMS 320C8x MP/PP 07400-32 07401-32


DA-C - Main Page

DA-C - Trial License

If you would like a one month trial license, please download demo software, install and start DA-C, then fill in the "Help / Technical Support / License Data" form and copy it to an email message by means of "Copy to clipboard for email". The email address to which the data should be sent is the one in the first line of the copy. You will find instructions for activating the trial license in the automatic reply. Should any technical questions arise during the trial period, feel free to contact our support.