Source Flowchart View

Although the source code is usually written as text, such text has its structure. But, when you analyze the code of a function it is sometimes difficult to recognize code blocks within it. DAC has the ability to analyze the source code and display a Flowchart as the graphical-logical presentation of the edited function.

In other environments, Flowcharts are usually displayed by dividing the source code into fragments and dis-playing it within the drawn blocks. In such programs, where the entire code is displayed in a Flowchart, the diagram itself usually becomes too large - becoming practically useless. A part of such a diagram, which is currently displayed on the screen, is too small in relation to the size of the entire diagram for the structure of the code to be easily visible.


Instead of this approach, in DAC Flowcharts are based on a different philosophy. As the Flowchart is always synchronized with Editor, it is enough for the code structure to be displayed without the blocks displaying program code but only its comments. When details are set aside - it is much easier to see the code structure and logic. You can always start the actual code within the Editor window, while certain actions pertaining to code structure can be carried out directly on the Flowchart.