Project Documentation Generator

The software documentation process is a permanent process which lives as long as the software production process does. The magnitude of software documentation and the differentiation of the documentation process from the software production development process results in outdated documentation. The documentation generator is a solution which synchronizes the development process with the software documentation process.

The basic idea behind the documentation generator is to write documentation templates instead of documents. These documentation templates, beside the classic content like to that of any other Microsoft Word document, contain the code using which current data is taken from the DAC project. This code is written with a specially developed language - DTML. On the basis of documentation templates, DAC generates up-to-date software documentation.

The documentation generator will help you with documentation specification so much so that you can form quality documentation templates, that is, as the end product, quality software documentation, even without knowing DTML.

Example:{phocadownload view=file|id=73|text=ZIP|target=s}

--- begin template script

--- end template script

--- begin generated document

--- end generated document