Naming Convention Checker

DAC gives you the possibility to bring in certain naming conventions relating to the naming of user-defined symbols, and to check whether the names you have defined in the project correspond to the conventions assigned. If the names of the symbols in your project are standardized, then finding your way around in the project is much easier. In this way you can tell, by looking at what follows a variable name, what its type is, whether the variable is local, static, global, etc. These conventions are introduced for reasons of legibility and intelligibility of the code written.

An example of this is the set of rules known as Hungarian notation. Hungarian notation has been accepted as a standard according to which the variable name is preceded by key letters describing which type of data the variable represents. Using this notation allows you to identify variable type using the prefix it carries. These prefixes are also used together, according to demand (e.g. a long pointer to string with a null-ending would have the prefix "lpsz").