MISRA C Compliance Checker

C program language has a range of advantages for use in embedded software: compiler availability for various microprocessors, an efficient code, support for low-level communication with hardware, portability, etc.

On the other hand, certain factors have a negative effect on the accuracy and quality of the code: the possibility for typographical errors which result in compiler warnings; syntax which enables the writing of clear code but also an illegible coding style; hard to grasp language constructs, for example, complex operator priority rules; incomplete definition in semantics standard of certain parts of the language.

The MISRA (Motor Industry Software Research Association) "Guidelines for the use of the C language in vehicle based software", known as MISRA C is a set of 127 (MISRA C:1998), 140 (MISRA C:2004) or 143 (MISRA C:2012) rules that implement a subset of the C language. The guidelines are designed to make C more suitable for use in safety related systems. MISRA C was originally written for the automotive industry but it is now in widespread across the whole C programming world. MISRA C is available in book form from www.misra.org.uk. MISRA C is written in a clear and easily accessible style. The majority of the MISRA C rules are statically checkable. The DAC analyser supports MISRA C:1998 (MISRA C1), MISRA C:2004 (MISRA C2) and MISRA C:2012 (MISRA C3). Please read more on "Supported Standards" site.

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DAC MISRA C:2012 (C3) Compliance Checker

DAC MISRA C:2004 (C2) Compliance Checker

DAC MISRA C:1998 (C1) Compliance Checker