Microchip - The Embedded Control Solutions Company

Supported compilers:
Microchip C17 V2.x
Microchip C18 V2.xx
Microchip C18 V3.xx
Microchip C30 V3.xx

Microchip C32 V2.xx
Microchip XC32 V1.xx

DAC part numbers:
Description For Microchip tools Part Number
Classic Edition Reader Edition
DAC with 8-Bit Dialects Support Microchip C17 07400-08 07401-08
DAC with 8-16-Bit Dialects Support Microchip C18
Microchip C30
07400-16 07401-16
DAC with 32-Bit Dialects Support Microchip C32 (dsPIC)
Microchip XC32
07400-32 07401-32