Lauterbach Trace32 Debugger

Lauterbach Trace32 Debugger Lauterbach
DAC V4.x is currently integrating a DAPI (Debugging support Application Programming Interface). This interface will enable DAC to exchange messages with Trace32 debugger. The advantages of such a connection are that it allows you to set or delete breakpoints from within DAC and to execute other debugger operations.
Furthermore, DAC is not only synchronized with Trace32 debugger, but runs with it as it operates - it is always in the same file and on the same line as Trace32. Thus, the usability of both DAC and Trace32 debugger is increased.

For example you find a variable with a wrong value. Then you can switch to DAC and with a simple right mouse click on the corresponding line you can open a Browser-window with all the lines where its value changes. On each of these code-lines you can set (directly from the DAC tool bar) a breakpoint or trigger other Debugger actions. Furthermore you can set breakpoints from any node in the call hierarchy graph-window.