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DA-C V4.5.094 Release Notes

DA-C V4.5.094 is available for download (depending on your maintenance agreement)

Bug fixed in 4.5.094

CR# BS Description
CR1466 4 Incorrect behaviour of include_next for NXP LPCXpresso GNU V4 fixed
CR1474 3 Incorrect recognition of inline symbols for Cosmic MC68HC05 V4 fixed
CR1476 3 Wrong message count reported in "Analysis status" dialog fixed
CR1479 5 Busy cursor sometimes showing beneath regular cursor fixed
CR1483 3 Tab sometimes remaining open without existing attached window when closing Browser window with the same name as existing window fixed
CR1485 3 Tab sometimes remaining open without existing attached window after double click at line in Browser window fixed

Improvements in 4.5.094

CR# BS Description
CR1478 5 Tab names in Messages window changed to better reflect their roles
CR1491 3 Immediately refreshing Software Metric Reports after changing visual options for Software Metrics added
CR1493 3 Read-only protection as needed for Project and Visual configuration files improved

New in 4.5.094

CR# BS Description
CR1481 6 Support for Rowley Crossworks for ARM, GNU V4 added
CR1482 6 Option for showing fixed number of source lines around target line in Browser windows added
CR1487 6 "Save All..." option for Software Metrics Reports added
CR1488 6 Support for IAR ARM V7 added
CR1492 6 "Copy Full Path" and "Open Containing Folder" options in Window Tabs menu added


DA-C - Overview

DA-C - Trial License

If you would like a one month trial license, please download demo software, install and start DA-C, then fill in the "Help / Technical Support / License Data" form and copy it to an email message by means of "Copy to clipboard for email". The email address to which the data should be sent is the one in the first line of the copy. You will find instructions for activating the trial license in the automatic reply. Should any technical questions arise during the trial period, feel free to contact our support.