DAC V4.4.093 Release Notes

DAC V4.4.093 is available for download (depending on your maintenance agreement)

Bug fixed in 4.4.093

CR# BS Description
CR1465 4 "DLL not found" error that occurred while opening Properties (Windows) dialog fixed
CR1469 4 Inability to insert construct before or after block in flowchart diagram fixed
CR1470 2 Crash that sometimes occurred after closing "Save As..." dialog fixed
CR1471 4 Crash after deleting file externally while it is still opened in editor fixed
CR1472 2 Blank setting for "Preinclude header file" in Compiler options causing "Unable to open include file" error fixed

Improvements in 4.4.093

CR# BS Description
CR1467 6 Keyboards dialog in editor options streamlined

New in 4.4.093

CR# BS Description
CR1464 6 "Execute after file open" option for UDA actions added (e.g., could be used for opening files in external editor)
CR1466 6 Support for NXP LPCXpresso GNU V4 added
CR1468 6 Icons in main menu added