DAC V4.4.092 Release Notes

DAC V4.4.092 is available for download (depending on your maintenance agreement)

Bug fixed in 4.4.092

CR# BS Description
CR1407 4 Incorrect drawing of grid in messages window in Windows 7 classic look fixed
CR1422 4 Incorrect counting of lines in metrics analysis when comments are ignored fixed
CR1424 4 DCP file association with DAC during setup fixed
CR1439 4 Duplicate entries in browse "Uses of..." windows removed
CR1445 3 Incorrect counting of functions in metrics analysis depending on function definitions fixed
CR1446 3 Incorrect reporting of MISRA C:2004 rule 15.3 fixed
CR1451 4 Incorrect warning message 323 for symbols defined in preinclude file fixed
CR1454 4 Incorrect position of tooltips in editor and browse windows fixed
CR1459 4 Mouse scroll wheel ignoring OS settings fixed

Improvements in 4.4.092

CR# BS Description
CR1433 3 Naming instances in DDE commands that allows choosing correct instance added
CR1448 4 Symbol names checking performance during database update improved
CR1450 4 Incorrect behaviour of scroll bars for very long files in editor and browse windows fixed
CR1458 3 Document generator parsing performance improved
CR1461 3  Metrics report menu improved

New in 4.4.092

CR# BS Description
CR1409 4 Support for C99 as a separate entry added
CR1430 4 "Check for Updates" button in "Technical Support" dialog added
CR1434 4 Support for Kiel ARM V5 added
CR1435 4 Support for Melexis MLX16-GCC V1 added
CR1361 4 Support for GNU V4 added
CR1437 4 Support for Microchip XC32 V1 added
CR1440 4 "Save All" command for message tabs and window tabs added. Support for CSV Format added.
CR1441 4 Support for Texas Instruments TMS 320C2x V6 added
CR1442 4 Line numbers in browse windows added
CR1443 4 Option for automatic closing of Browse windows with the same context as newly opened window added
CR1449 3 Symbol names checking rules depend on modules in which symbols are defined added
CR1456 3 Scripting functionality using command file added
CR1461 3 Software-Metrics, multiple column table view added
CR1462 4 Support for IAR Renesas RX V2 added