DAC V4.3.090 Release Notes

DAC V4.3.090 is available for download (depending on your maintenance agreement)

Bugs fixed in 4.3.090

   CR1412  2  Crash that sometimes occured when trying to close an empty metrics template fixed
   CR1419  2  Now reporting Word 2010 in document generator as supported
   CR1420  4  Parsing of directory list files by correctly expanding environment variables
   CR1421  4  Not visible message marks on the left margin after usage of %ErrGet macro fixed

Improvements in 4.3.090


New in 4.3.090

   CR1411  4  Support for Atmel AVR Studio GNU V4.xx added
   CR1415  4  Support for Keil C166 V7.xx added
   CR1416  4  Support for Keil C51 V9.xx added
   CR1417  4  Support for Keil C251 V5.xx added
   CR1418  4  Support for Microchip C32 V2.xx added