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When you use "Avira" Antivirus Software:
A listing of files alongside their results can be found below:
File ID Filename Size (Byte) Result 26980572 InDAPI32.dll 457 KB FALSE POSITIVE
Please find a detailed report concerning each individual sample below:
Filename Result InDAPI32.dll FALSE POSITIVE The file 'InDAPI32.dll' has been determined to be 'FALSE POSITIVE'.
In particular this means that this file is not malicious but a false alarm.

 DAC V4.5.101 is available for download

Bug fixed in 4.5.101

CR# BS Description
--- -- ---

New in 4.5.101

CR# BS Description
CR1521 6 Flowchart: Blocks from where another functions are called are now marked.
CR1522 6 Graphics: Saving in JPG, PNG or GIF possible (Third Party Converter needed and configurable). Default format for saving Table Views or Message Logs is now configurable.

DAC V4.5.100 is available for download

Bug fixed in 4.5.100

CR# BS Description
CR1518 2 Crash that sometimes occured in ADG options fixed
CR1520 4 Visual problem in Analyzis Status Dialog fixed

New in 4.5.100

CR# BS Description
CR1519 6 UTF-8 without BOM support for German language added

DAC V4.5.099 is available for download

Bug fixed in 4.5.099

CR# BS Description
CR1496 4 Smart highlighting in editor, bugs fixed and options added
CR1497 4 ESH formating bug fixed

New in 4.5.099

CR# BS Description
CR1436 6 Support for MISRA-C:2012 rules 16.2, 16.5 and 16.6 support added
CR1514 6 Flowchart: Merge linear segments of code separated by empty lines, option added

How to use FlexID Dongle on W7/8/10 64-Bit?

- W7/8/10 64-Bit?
- DAC V4.5.098 or later and new license file are required
- Plug FlexID Dongle (serie 9-????????) in USB slot
- Start DAC and navigate to “Help > Technical Support > License Diagnose“ tab
- Click "Copy to Clipboard to e-mail"
- Start your e-mail client and paste the clipboard into e-mail (Ctrl-V)
- Write your Customer Code into Subject or attach your actual license file
- Send e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and wait for new license file
- Install new license file (Help > Technical Support > New License File" tab)

DAC V4.5.098 is available for download

Bug fixed in 4.5.098

CR# BS Description
CR1486 4 Incorrect browsing of structure members in multidimensional arrays fixed
CR1508 3 Crash that sometimes occured when using FlexID USB dongle fixed
CR1510 3 Crash that sometimes occured if Browser options dialog was previously opened fixed

New in 4.5.098

CR# BS Description
CR1512 6 Support for Cosmic Cortex-M V4 added
CR1513 6 Support for Cosmic PowerPC VLE V4 added
CR1508 6 Help > Technical Support > License Diagnose tab added

DAC - Download

DAC - Demo/Trial

DAC - Trial License

If you would like a one month trial license, please download demo software, install and start DAC, then fill in the "Help / Technical Support / License Data" form and copy it to an email message by means of "Copy to clipboard for email". The email address to which the data should be sent is the one in the first line of the copy. You will find instructions for activating the trial license in the automatic reply. Should any technical questions arise during the trial period, feel free to contact our support.