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Stable V4.2.088

Released on:
Friday, 29 April 2011 02:00

Available for customers with maintenance agreement until at least April 2011.

Bug fixed in 4.2.088

CR# BS Description
CR1288 2 Error while loading session data due to corrupted session file fixed
CR1349 2 Incorrect checking of "long long" type in Symbol Name Checker fixed
CR1367 2 Crash if function name is longer than 80 characters fixed
CR1378 2 Incorrect analysis of anonymous structures/unions in IAR Renesas M16C/R8C V3.xx fixed
CR1354 4 Bug with __attribute__ keyword in Microchip C30 V3.xx fixed
CR1363 4 Drag & drop, check and message added if file is not set as "Text file" in "Options -> Project..." dialog
CR1375 4 Incorrect reporting of Misra 1998 Rule 1 at long and unsigned long literal constants for GNU based compilers fixed
CR1371 5 Incorrect tab tooltips in Project window fixed

Improvements in 4.2.088

CR# BS Description
CR1365 2 Support for Tasking C196 V5.xx improved
CR1366 2 Support for IAR ARM V5.xx improved
CR1374 2 Added minimize button to ADG generation dialog and its response to "Cancel" button is improved

New in 4.2.088

CR# BS Description
CR1329 4 Support for Atmel AVR V4.xx added
CR1352 4 Usage of WinMerge enabled by adding UDA macros %ReferFile() and %ReferRoot()
CR1360 4 Support for Code Red GNU V4.xx added
CR1361 4 Support for GNU V4.xx added
CR1369 4 Support for RealView MDK-ARM V4.xx added
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