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Project Manager

Project Manager offers three possibilities of organizing and displaying project relevant data:

  • Explorer View replaces Windows Explorer and supplies the user with additional information on directories containing project data. It facilitates the creation of new projects and improves the audit of complex file systems.

  • Folder View shows only project relevant directories, thus eliminating the need to search for them in the file system. On the other hand, once the project is generated, there is no need to go through the file system in search of project relevant files, since everything is within reach and tied to very useful information. In this view it is already possible to introduce aliases such as long file names or file descriptions.

  • Logical View is the greatest novelty since it facilitates better organization of existing projects without requiring any changes in their basic structure. Many projects maintained or further developed today originate from the 8.3 name length system, some of them having long since outgrown their initial limits, while many names and directory files have, in the meantime, become "invalid".

    It is possible to avoid the problems mentioned above by applying Logical View. In short, Logical View is a filter placed between the user and the real file system which copies the user's conception of an ideal organization to the real organization, which does not have to change or cannot change (restrictions of the Version Control System). This filter may be project-dependent, but can be user-dependent as well.

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DA-C - Trial License

If you would like a one month trial license, please download demo software, install and start DA-C, then fill in the "Help / Technical Support / License Data" form and copy it to an email message by means of "Copy to clipboard for email". The email address to which the data should be sent is the one in the first line of the copy. You will find instructions for activating the trial license in the automatic reply. Should any technical questions arise during the trial period, feel free to contact our support.